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Geothermal Pipes (Pre-insulated Geothermal Pipes)

Geothermal pipes are manufactured under TS EN 253 standards and offer 30 years of service life at 120°C, 50 years of service life at 115°C and more than 50 years of service life below 115°C.

Welded pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, drawn steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, polyethylene pipe, PPR, PPR-C, CTP can be used as service pipes. Polyurethan rigid foam is used as isolation material.

Depending on pipe diameters, the pipes can be manufactured as 4 – 6 – 8 – 12 meters. It is possible to manufacture with tracking wire suitable for leakage tracking system. Pre-isolated geothermal pipe diameters change between 15 and 1200 mm.

Product Types

Front Isolated Copper Pipe 15 – 80 mm
Front Isolated PPR-C Pipe 15 – 315 mm
Industrial Front Isolated Pipe 15 – 1200 mm
Front Isolated HDPE Pipe 50 – 315 mm
Standard Front Isolated Pipe 15 – 1200 mm
Stainless Steel Front Isolated Pipe 15 – 200 mm

Usage Areas

Fire lines
Ship industry
Industrial facilities
Cooling systems
Petroleum – gas lines
Greenhouse heating systems
Regional heating systems
Gallery and underground pipe applications

Front Isolated Geothermal Pipe Inserts

Branch Separator


Parallel TE

Fixed Abutment