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Repair Clamps

Easy Repair Apparatus are used for practically repairing cracks, fractures, holes and various damages in all pipe types (PE, PVC, Steel, CTP, AÇB, Ductile, Font).

The body and support sheet metals are AISI 304-316 stainless steel. Gaskets, nuts and washers are AISI 304 stainless steel. Gaskets are coated with special Teflon. Gasket EPDM (– 20 C ° + 100 C °) water, waste water, acid, NBR (- 30 C ° + 90 C °) oil, petroleum, gas.

Clamp size can be manufactured outside standard size.

Product Types

O-Ring Gaskets Easy Repair Clamps
Pipe Connection Adapters with Reduction
One-Side Steel Repair Clamps
Steel Coupling Sleeves
Repair Clamps with Socket Outlet
Stainless Steel Pipe Connection Adapters
Pipe Connection Adapters
Repair Clamps with Flange Outlet

Usage Advantages

Enables high impermeability.
Simple and fast mounting.
The products are re-usable.
Safely used on pressured lines.
Delivery in 24 hours is possible in case of an emergency.
Lightweight, easy-to-carry, easy-to-mount and saves from water leakage.
Special gasket for impermeability tolerates rot difference between two pipes (+5 mm).
All products offer a final solution for high pressure line connection and sleeve leakage.