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PVC Water Holder Bands are manufactured by melting polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin, stabiliser, plasticizer and anti-oxidant dye materials under suitable heat and pressure in extruders and shaping this mixture. These products comply with TS 3078, ASTM, DIN, BS, DSİ norms.

PVC Water Holder Bands are used for ensuring water impermeability in concrete structures, expanding and shrinking and (structure) joints subjecting to high and low water pressure and preventing vibration and deformation that might occur in concrete blocks.

It can be manufactured for all A, B, I, OL, M, DO, DT, DI, O, KP, Y, YI, YO, V, AK types and special types.

Usage Areas

Dams Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Plants
Ponds Bridges
Irrigation Channels Treatment Facilities
Water Tanks Underground Constructions
Water Purification Plant Viaducts
Pools Retaining Walls
Docks Flooring on the Surface and Foundations
Conduction Tunnels Industrial Structures