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About Bolsu

As Bolsu Boru, our mission is to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction with constantly developing quality approach and production of most reliable goods and services and to contribute to the national economy.

Latest Technology High-Quality Products

Smooth Shipment

With our smooth and timely shipment principle, we are transporting your materials to your construction site or warehouse without any problem.

Online Catalogue

You can view our online catalogue for all our products and detailed information and you can demand a catalogue from us.

Infrastructure Group

Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated pipes manufactured under TSE 13476-3 + A1 standard with quality and impermeability approach are often offered between 100 mm and[…]

PE 100 Pipes

PE 100 pipes are manufactured under TS EN 12201-2 + A1 standard (HDPE) raw material, with 20 mm – 1600 mm[…]

Drainage Pipes

Tunnel type drainage pipes that comply with the Republic of Turkey Highway Directorate specifications are[…]

PVC Waste Water Pipes

The felt wrapped PVC drainage pipes are protected from impact, climate conditions and blockage with this wrapping.[…]